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Sorry, THRIVE Canada 2012 is past but 2013 dates are finalized. Save May 27th thru May 31st, 2013!

Bring your spouse, friend or prayer partner and enjoy training tracks specifically designed to restore you. 19 relational brain skills to know what you are doing.
Each track builds on your previous work, so start fresh with joy in Track One!
Follow up your joy with recovery in Track Two!

THRIVE training exists to restore the missing relational brain skills in families, leaders and churches that keep loving people from thriving. THRIVE skills are the key to knowing what you are doing! For the third year in a row, THRIVE occurs at the St. Albert Inn, in beautiful St. Albert, Alberta Canada!

For the first time, THRIVE lectures are available to view before you attend THRIVE so the format is now 5 powerful days instead of 6. Why pay to hear lectures somewhere else when you can view the content in the comfort of your own home? We added the special bonus of creating questions for you to answer then discuss with others in your track through the new THRIVE-at-Home online course.

Step One

REGISTER for THRIVE training -> Complete THRIVE-at-Home course and required preparation

You take your first step when you register for the THRIVE training. Next, you sign up for your specific THRIVE-at-Home course which means 1. you watch the new THRIVE DVD teaching videos for the theory and teaching content then 2. participate in the corresponding online course in the THRIVE-at-Home program where you interact with your peers before you arrive at THRIVE in St. Albert. When you go through the THRIVE-at-Home courses you answer questions that directly relate to the video segment you watch. Learn more about THRIVE-at-Home curriculum.

Note: THRIVE training and the THRIVE-at-Home courses are separate and not sold as a package. THRIVE provides you with the actual training while THRIVE-at-Home gives you the theory and application. Be sure you pay attention to specific preparation requirements for each training track before you attend THRIVE. Learn more about preparation steps here.

What do I need to complete Step One?
Register for THRIVE then finish all required preparation.

Step Two


After you complete your readings and THRIVE-at-Home courses you are fully prepared for the hands-on training at THRIVE! You and your partner should have registered for THRIVE, watched the videos, completed your preparation course and readings. You are ready to go! When you attend THRIVE you and your bonded partner will practice the training.



The St. Albert Inn 156 St. Albert Trail in St. Albert, AB Canada. (780) 459-5551.


Available onsite at the St. Albert Inn. Reservations need to made by phone and be sure to mention the THRIVE block of room for discounted rates.
(780) 459-5551.


The closest airport is Edmonton, AB Canada.


This is a two-track THRIVE!

Registration Deadline is February 29th, 2012

Registration fee includes breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack.

Full payment must accompany your registration. Except in the case of an Act of God, all payments will be refunded after February 29, 2012 in case of cancellation of THRIVE.

Refund Policy:

Before February 15th – 100%
February 15th - 29th – 50%
After February 29, 2012 – 0%


Track One and Two:
Single: $725
Bonded Pair: $1250
Registration closes February 29th, 2012


Registration & orientation time begins Sunday evening from 6:00pm to 7:30pm

Monday thru Friday
Breakfast 7:45am – 8:15am
Sessions 8:30am – 11:45am
Lunch 11:45am – 1:15pm
Sessions 1:15pm – 5:15pm

THRIVE Training hosted by:

THRIVE Training Canada
PO Box 65508
RPO Hollick Kenyon
Edmonton, AB T5Y OM5
Contact: Sara
Phone: (780) 473- 1221

Read how THRIVE changes lives.
See the benefits of THRIVE training.

Contact us with additional questions.

Note: There are maturity requirements for Tracks I, II and III as well as preparation requirements to complete for each track. Be sure to complete your homework to ensure a satisfying training experience. As you will learn when you attend THRIVE, there is a major difference in learning theory and practicing brain skills.

View Preparation Requirements: Track I, Track II